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Friday, March 16, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: Dresses

        Luckily, the spring weather has arrived earlier than expected. Aside from today, I'm sure we've all been digging up last year's wardrobe looking for something suitable to wear on these sunny, 70° days - which will be back tomorrow!  However, I've been having trouble finding something that excites me as much as the weather.

        Simple, light-weight dresses are the best transition piece for any wardrobe during this time in the year. They can be paired with jackets and boots on cooler days or just sandals when it's hot. This season, Renewal has the perfect spring dresses for any body type and style.

Elasticized Waistline:
       An elasticized waist helps to draw attention away from the hip area and accentuate the bust.
Mimi Chica (Medium) - Lush (Medium) - Mimi Chica (Medium)
Empire Waistline:
      The empire waist is a classic style. Like the elasticized waist, it compliments the bust nicely and helps to enlongate the legs.
Trixxie (Sz. 7) - Ruby Rox (Medium) - Aqua (Large)
Cinched waistline:
        A cinched waist forms a nice silhouette on almost any body type. The hourglass-like shape makes the waist appear small and creates nice curves for both the upper and lower body.
Proenza Schouler (Medium) - Spring Street (Small) - Mandees (Medium)

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