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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lakeland Basketball Youth Night...

Last Friday night, it was hard to find a seat in Lakeland High School's gym!  It was Senior Night where they honored the 4-graduating seniors on their team and the Lakeland Boy's Basketball program also sponsored Youth Night at the same time.  Any kids involved in a rec program, travel team or CYO were invited to come to the game with their jerseys on and were given free admission along with a free Lakeland Basketball T-shirt - designed by yours truly :)

I was very impressed with the turn out, we handed out 96 t-shirts!  It was a great night for everyone and our first bulk-order for custom tees!  The kids were having a blast and the Seniors were able to enjoy (and win) their last high school game with a packed gym filled with red shirts!

If you have an event coming up where you need custom shirts made, you have found the right place!

Food Drive!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Year New You...

Our event last night New Year New You was a huge success!!  We would like to take a minute to thank all of our vendors and our customers for helping to make it even more special.
Gina and Erica with Passaic County CASA
Jill Davis with Hears to Health
Melissa Walker with Jersey Strength Systems
Val Keating with Still Life Massage Studios
Jodi Bross with Glenwild Garden Centers and Daene Richards with Celebrating Home
Complimentary snacks and refreshments

Congratulations to our raffle winners!!
Layla for won a free month of boot camp classes from Jersey Strength Systems, JoAnn won a plant and gift card from Glenwild Garden Centers, Jodi won a free Health History with a 1-month plan from Hears to Health, Nancy won a decorative jar and gift certificate from Celebrating Home, Rose won a gift card to Growing Kids and Renewal and, Marita won a free 30-minute massage from Still Life Massage Studio! 

All the merchandise was 20% off!  It was a great night for shopping!
Happy ladies enjoyed complimentary 15-minute massages all night!

It was truly a great night all around, and if you missed out, stay tuned for more fun nights in the future!

Feel Fresh Fridays: Nautical

As you may have noticed, stripes have been a big trend in magazines and on the runway for the spring/summer '12 season.  As spring quickly approaches, I find myself eager to start preparing my wardrobe for weeks in the city and weekends down the shore. But how can you create a wardrobe that's acceptable for both the streets and the beach? Our solution: Nautical stripes, deep navy's, and crisp whites.

During the summer, it can be difficult to decide what to wear on hot days that allows you to stay cool but look put together. The combination of light and flowly fabrics in navy and white is an easy way to accomplish this look. Crisp whites instantly make any outfit chic, and pair well with navy; creating a fashionable and practical look for any setting. Adding gold accents helps to tie in the "nautical" theme and dress up the look.

Blouse: BCBG; Skirt: Wet Seal; Flats: Elaine Turner

Blouse: Ralph Lauren; Capris: J. Crew; Flats: Steve Madden

Shirt: Forever 21; Denim Shorts: Joe's; Wedges: Banana Republic

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Year New You...

Just a reminder about our event tonight...hope you all can make it :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: Bold Prints & Metallics

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but after Valentine's day I start my official countdown to spring. With March just around the corner, and summer clothes now lining our racks, it's hard not to want to ditch my sweaters and jeans for sundresses and sandals. Unfortunately, the weather and I aren't on the same page; so I've been searching for a happy medium when I stumbled across this in another issue of Nylon mag.

Combining black & white prints and metallics is the perfect way to lighten up a winter wardrobe. I'm sure we are all sick of the neutral pallet our closets  have become during the long winter. Metallic pieces help add excitement to the comfort of our season staples. Here's some Renewal pieces that can help you integrate this trend into your wardrobe.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

thank you.

The success of our blanket drive is really impossible to put into words.  The overwhelming support of our customers never ceases to amaze us and we truly want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We collected 28 bath towels, 23 complete sheet sets, 19 additional pillowcases, 18 hand towels, 33 baby blankets, 13 throws, 2 kids snuggies, 8 washcloths, 16 cloth napkins, a tablecloth and runner, a bath mat, 9 comforters, 1 electric blanket, 2 pillows, 2 laundry bags, and a complete bed in a bag with curtains to match!

The Family Promise of Morris County was overjoyed when I showed up with the car full of items for them!

For more information on the shelter, visit their website here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

our new addition...

Since I can remember, my Dad has been trying to start a custom T-shirt business, something about the idea has always intrigued him.  A few years after we opened Growing Kids he went out and bought everything we needed to get started and gave it a shot.  Not only did we make shirts, we made key chains, mugs, mouse pads...anything you could put a heat transfer on, we were doing it.

He was constantly thinking of catchy things to write on shirts.  I will never forget sitting around the campfire in Lake George with my family and friends when I was about 13-years old and he came up with a t-shirt slogan, "question authority...with respect" we all chuckled and told him he was crazy and to this day still talk about it...I guess it caught on and we didn't even realize it.

A few years later, the heat press and all of the transfer equipment ended up in my basement and that was the end of it.  Until recently.

While I was living in California, I came up with an idea for a clothing line and shared my inspiration with him, I can't talk about that project yet because it's still in the works (and probably will be for a few years) but I can tell you, my Dad was right.  We pulled out the heat press and purchased some newer equipment...and we're giving it another chance.

The blank shirts we ordered haven't come in yet, so we've taken some plain shirts from our inventory.  Here is our first stab at it, and there will be PLENTY more to come :)

Boys sz. 4
Girls Sz. 4
Boys Sz. 4 (front)
Boys Sz. 4 (back)
Women's Medium

Women's Small

Women's Small

Maternity Medium
And for those of you who are wondering...of course I had to make my Dad his famous shirt, and he loved it!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: Stripes & Lace

As fashion enthusiasts, the ladies here at Renewal are constantly checking up on trends in magazines and on the streets to give you the best fashion advice each time you visit. We recently spotted this piece on faded railroad stripes and lace in Nylon magazine and were immediately inspired.

Mixing and matching prints is this season's big trend but can be difficult to pull off. The subtly of both lace and faded stripes makes this look easily adaptable to any style. Here's a few ways you can take this trend from the magazine pages to the streets with items we have here in the store.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 ways to wear

Silk is one of those fabrics that is effortlessly amazing and perfect with pretty much everything. It also can be a bit intimidating because it is generally associated with a more formal look but we're going to show you how to dress it down and work it into your everyday wardrobe.

Pair a silk top with some jeans and flats for a elegant yet casual look

Silk pants and heels is perfect for a night out
Pair a silk top with a nice skirt and sweater for a day at the office

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just over a week away. Whether you're single and celebrating with friends or have plans with that special someone, everyone likes to feel fresh for the holiday. Here's a few ways Renewal can help you look your best.
Because the holiday falls on a Tuesday this year, many of you might be working before your date night. Pairing red accessories with a chic black or gray dress is the perfect way to create a look that's appropriate for the office as well as your date.

 For those whose celebration is a bit fancier, try a sleek red dress. Pearls and white heels help to make this a clean, classy look. Pair this outfit with a structured jacket to brave the winter weather on your night out.

If you're celebrating with friends this year, or are just more of a casual girl yourself, try a red tank under a lace top. This helps to understate the bright pop of color but still feels festive. Wear this look with your favorite jeans and a pair of tall black boots to complete the look.