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Monday, February 13, 2012

our new addition...

Since I can remember, my Dad has been trying to start a custom T-shirt business, something about the idea has always intrigued him.  A few years after we opened Growing Kids he went out and bought everything we needed to get started and gave it a shot.  Not only did we make shirts, we made key chains, mugs, mouse pads...anything you could put a heat transfer on, we were doing it.

He was constantly thinking of catchy things to write on shirts.  I will never forget sitting around the campfire in Lake George with my family and friends when I was about 13-years old and he came up with a t-shirt slogan, "question authority...with respect" we all chuckled and told him he was crazy and to this day still talk about it...I guess it caught on and we didn't even realize it.

A few years later, the heat press and all of the transfer equipment ended up in my basement and that was the end of it.  Until recently.

While I was living in California, I came up with an idea for a clothing line and shared my inspiration with him, I can't talk about that project yet because it's still in the works (and probably will be for a few years) but I can tell you, my Dad was right.  We pulled out the heat press and purchased some newer equipment...and we're giving it another chance.

The blank shirts we ordered haven't come in yet, so we've taken some plain shirts from our inventory.  Here is our first stab at it, and there will be PLENTY more to come :)

Boys sz. 4
Girls Sz. 4
Boys Sz. 4 (front)
Boys Sz. 4 (back)
Women's Medium

Women's Small

Women's Small

Maternity Medium
And for those of you who are wondering...of course I had to make my Dad his famous shirt, and he loved it!

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