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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Trendy Tip: How to Wear Red

        Although everyone has an idea of which colors and shades clash with their complexion, hair, and eye colors, one of the most misunderstood colors is red. With an attention-grabbing color like this, it is crucial to choose the right shade for you. The wrong tone can accentuate skin blemishes or make you look sick.  Luckily, Renewal is here to help you determine which shade of red is right for YOU.

Here's a pantone chart to help find the right shade:

    Picking the right tone is heavily influenced by your hair and eye colors.
               - Women with dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, and an olive complexion look best in strong, dark reds. Stay away from reds with orange undertones. [Brick Red or Ladybug Red]
               - If you have dark brown or black hair with lighter eyes (blue, green), try a bright red. It is the perfect medium between your dark hair and your light complexion. [Cherry Red or Lobster Red]
               - Redhead women with lighter complexions should go for reds with orange undertones. Blue-based reds will wash you out and make your red hair appear orange. [Pepperoni Red or Tomato Red]
                - Ladies with light blonde hair and light eyes should try a pale red with a blue undertone. Try and avoid shades too close to orange. [Rose Red or Beet Red]
                - Women with dark blonde or light brown hair look good wearing reds that are less vibrant and more muted. [Radish Red or  Velvet Red]
                - Ladies with ash blonde or grey hair look best in blue-based tones. Try deep reds with a purple tone. [Pomegranate Red or Chili Pepper Red]

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