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Friday, August 17, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: The Great Outdoors

      Even if you're not the woodsy type, plan on putting a new spin on your regular city-chic style with outdoors inspired pieces this fall. Channeling the spirit of the "The Great Outdoors", designers such as Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, and Ralph Lauren among others utilized the beauty in the natural colors and elements fall has to offer.  Think rusty reds, burnt oranges and, an array of browns and greens.  This is a trend everyone can easily incorporate into their wardrobe, no matter what your style.  Here are some Renewal pieces to get you started:

Top: Michael Kors, sz. 2; Skirt: Anthropologie, sz. 12; Boots: Colin Stewart, sz. 7.5 
Jacket: Tulle, sz. XS; Jeans: BDG, sz. 4; Boots: Minnetonka, sz. 6; Purse: Albi

Sweater: Lux, sz. Large; Pants: Hei Hei, sz. 0; Shoes: Birkenstock, sz. 5

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