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Monday, October 1, 2012

Flat out Fall!

Well the weather for October seems like we're off to a great start!  The problem for me is always figuring out what to wear so I'm warm enough during the chilly mornings but not sweating mid-day.  Layers are the obvious answer for clothing, but what do you do about your shoes??  Flats are the perfect answer for this time of year and we have you covered!

Bellini 6.5  -  Tory Burch 8.5

Michael Kors 9  -  Capelli 9

Seychelles 8.5  -  Michael Kors 6.5
Banana Republic 8.5  -  Fergalicious 8.5

Kimchi Blue 8  -  Palladium 10

Marc Jacobs 38  -  Blowfish 8

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