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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shades of Gold

With Thanksgiving 5-days away, we are officially about to kick off the holiday season.  I don't know about you but, since the storm essentially made 2-weeks of my life disappear, this really crept up on me a lot quicker than it has in the past - never thought that was possible!  Aside from the fact that our plans for the day aren't even all ironed out yet, I just realized, I have not given any thought to what I am going to wear on Thursday!  So, to the racks of Renewal we go...and here is what we found.

Shades of gold are the perfect way to ease into the holidays, you aren't ready for the bold red just yet and you want to save the glittery silver for New Years.  Pairing different shades of gold together is an easy way to achieve a classy and elegant look that's not too over the top.

If you still want to wear some color but want to work the gold into your style go with some champagne accessories.  They will compliment nearly anything and work well the earth tones everyone loves to wear at this time of the year.

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