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Friday, July 29, 2011

the time has come...

Skinny jeans have over saturated the fashion world and it is time to look towards another style to make your statement.

Don’t get me wrong, the skinny has definitely put itself on the staple list, along with the boyfriend, the boot cut and, the cropped, but you can give them a break unless you're planning to put on your boots.

Side note, I need to have these Flannel boots from Steve Madden, look at the back! 

AND....I'm dying for these by Balenciaga, but probably won't see them for a while since they are $900!
OK, back to the jeans...Since 1970’s inspired trends are sticking around this fall, the bell-bottom and the flare leg jean is back again!  I think we can all agree, that while they look great on some…unless you are a toothpick, skinny jeans don’t do anyone any favors, and the flare leg has always been much more flattering on most body types.  I have to elaborate that I am not referring to an overall baggy fit, I am talking about fitted through the leg and flared out from just above your knee down with a hem that is close to or as wide as your foot.   

 Here's my Mom and her friend from the 70's...perfect example of the fit you should be looking for...the striped matching outfit though?  Lets leave that as a great trend of the past...

Side note again, I would love to have either of those shoes that they are wearing!

Here are some current styles from this amazing new designer denim line Mother Jeans.

Wearing a high shoe like a platform or wedge with the flared leg denim helps to keep your foot inside the hem.  

If you are not into the higher shoe or if you need a more casual look, the straight leg is always a great alternative to the skinny.  They work well with flats, sandals, and casual sneakers.

Last and final side note, look at these handcrafted hanging plant pods!  An interesting twist on the good old macrame hanging plant holders if you ask me.  What do you think? Should we carry these in the store??

 View his full Etsy page here.

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