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Saturday, July 30, 2011

friday night fireworks...

My husband's birthday was this past Thursday and as a birthday gift from a good friend out here in LA, Matt and I were given front row tickets to our first Dodgers baseball game, thanks Andy!  We couldn't take our eyes off the field for even a second because we were in foul territory and at any time a hard line drive could've come right at us, a few almost did.  The guy sitting to our right had a baseball glove on and I was praying he knew how to catch because I only had my bare hands.  I just kept thinking, "Should I try to catch the ball if it comes this way, or just cover my head??"

Now, I didn't know this, but after every Friday night home game at Dodgers stadium there is a fireworks display!  They literally turn off all of the lights inside the stadium and put on a fantastic show in center field.

I've never been inside a major league ball park at night with all the lights out, 
it was pretty awesome.
Another thing that was really cool...after the game they fenced off the infield and allowed all of the fans down on the grass to watch the fireworks!  So, if you're ever in Los Angeles on a Friday night when the Dodgers are in town, make sure to bring the kids to the game - and sneak down as close to field level as you can get during the bottom of the 9th inning so you are assured a good will be an experience they will never forget! 

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