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Monday, August 1, 2011

fall into resale...

We’ve been helping our customers shop resale for their seasonal and back to school wardrobes since 1993.  So to say the least, we kind of know what we’re doing.  Here are some tips to help you shop for back to school on a friendly budget. 

Look in the sizes above and below what you need.  One of the main benefits to shopping resale is that the items have already been washed, and that means if it is going to shrink, it already has!  Another benefit is the fact that there are hundreds of brands under the same roof.  It is common knowledge that different brands run differently and you could be sizes apart depending on what store you are shopping in.  For example, when you walk into Abercrombie, you know their stuff is cut extra small…but if you are shopping at The Gap – their items are cut a little larger.  So keep an open mind and analyze the item’s actual size, and not what it says on the tag.  

In the winter the schools are so hot, and the weather is so cold…layers are the way to go.     

When in doubt, take it with you…we have a 7-day return policy and it’s much better to think about it while it’s yours instead of coming back to get it and realizing its gone.

Get on our wishlist.  If there is something you need and can’t find please let us know so we can call you when it comes in!

Sad but true, now is the time to start looking for your winter coats and don’t forget the hats and gloves to match. 

Shop early.  We’ve been receiving fall and winter items since the beginning of July, so we are fully stocked and ready for all of your back to school needs.   

Shop often.  Our inventory changes daily and since our prices are so great, items don’t stick around very long.  I would honestly suggest coming in at least once a week and if you drop off merchandise on every trip, it’s a great way to make some spending money while you’re at it.  

Most importantly, get creative and have fun!  When you shop resale, you have the ability to create your own style and stand out from everyone else who spent far too much, on the same clothes everyone else has, while shopping in the mall.

Mention this post before August 13th and receive 10% off your purchase! 

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  1. Make sure to ask the associates for help too. They were wonderful in helping my 8 year old daughter find "fashion".