Growing Kids

Thursday, August 11, 2011

my favorite kid's looks....

As a kid, back to school shopping was always one of my favorite things to do.  Just the thought of buying an entire wardrobe in one day was amazing to me and I would give anything to have my Mom treat me to a shopping spree like that again...hint hint.

Kid's fashion is something that fascinates me because, while the "fit" doesn't change all that much from year to year, the "look" does.

My favorite look right now for the little girls is anything with SPARKLE!  Here are some examples of the metallic look at Growing Kids...

And a tried and true favorite for the boys is a clean cut and handsome look.  Achieve this by layering a button up and pairing it with khakis - think about something Dad would wear, and just make it smaller!

What are your kid's favorite looks?
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  1. my kids favorite looks for back to school are a good pair of jeans, sneakers and a light jacket. I bought an adidas, light jacket from growing kids for my son and he always wears it. love the clothes!!

  2. My girls and I went on a back to school shopping spree at Growing Kids (with a 20% coupon - thank you so much!) Growing Kids is such a bargain that as I saw the clothes piling up at the register I wondered what our damage would be. My guess-around $200. Actually $115 - not too shabby for back to school shopping for two girls, and something for Mom too.
    Both my darlings are all about "fashion" now. Littlest Pet Shops and Webkinz all play fashion show in my house, so at growing kids it was all about putting outfits together. We were able to achieve layered looks galore, with men's wear looks (very in right now), to jeans and an adorable lime green zip front vest; which my daughter informs me she can dress up with a long necklace or dress down with a scarf or nothing at all).
    Thanks Growing Kids for giving us all the quality and value you do!

  3. although my kids are grown, I always am shopping for our 3 granddaughters ages 7 months, 1 year and 3 years. I love anything with a ruffle around the botton whether it's a tunic or dress. I also love leggings on the little ones with long tunic tops..precious!

  4. For little girls I love dresses and so does my daughter. They grow so quickly that if they want dresses go for it because it won't last forever! We love a little bling, frills and real girly girl outfits.

  5. From a family of lots of girls we have seen many different styles that they love. My personal favorite are skirts with capri leggings. My daughter and nieces like to wear skirts, but when the fall air is to cold they put leggings underneath and miss match colors and patterns.