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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my fave kid's looks...

When it comes to little girl's fashion, confidence always makes the outfit.  Inspiring kids to select their own outfits based on what they like and not what everyone else is doing is a great lesson for any youngster to learn.

I must say that one of my favorite ways for kids to express their boldness is print mixing!

Little Colette rocking the mixed prints at a VERY young age
A girl at the LA Zoo...LOVED her fashion choice.
Here are some examples of print mixing that my Mom and I put together with items from Growing Kids.  Believe it or not, each outfit is made up of entirely different brands.
3-different patterns, but it works because the colors are neutral

Staying in the same color family helps stripes and bold patterns work well together
Mixing similar animal prints never fails
Bold prints go well with neutral polka dots of any size
Mixing stripes always works - the colored peace signs really help pull this look together
Tie-Dye can be tricky, but it also can work!
We had so much fun putting these together, it's no wonder kids love picking out their own crazy clothes.

Encouraging your children to be trendsetters is a great way to teach them about being a leader.  Motivate fearless fashion amongst those kiddos! 

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