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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Melissa and Doug...Item of the week!

Out of every toy from Melissa and Doug, I have to say that the 'Get up and Go Games' are my personal favorite.  They are interactive board games which promote gross motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, memory, auditory skills and color recognition - not to mention, they are REALLY fun!  Each set includes 10-action packed games to engage your children's body and minds.

The Puppy Pursuit is adorable, it comes with 6 stuffed puppies and 60 paw print cards and the instructions include variations on all 10 of the games so you can enhance the fun.  Games such as Puppy Hunt, Jumping Puppies and Paw Pickers, will truly encourage the development of memory, patterning, sequencing, color recognition and matching skills.

The Block Balancing Games look like the most fun to me, I haven't actually played it yet, but trust me it's on my list!  Games like Brain Block, Blocked Memory and Out of Shape, will inspire action and lots of laughter. Using 20 brightly colored foam blocks, 20 cards and 4 wooden discs, children will find lots of challenging game fun in this box! Matching, stacking, and relay racing make physical and mental fitness a giggling goal for all. Instructions include variations on many of the games to extend the fun.

The Funny Frog Games such as, Lilypad Landing, Musical Lily Pads and Pad Hop and Go will improve hand-eye coordination and balance using 4 beanbag frogs, 9 colorful lilypads and a spinner. Following directions and taking turns are reinforced as children match, toss and hop in these exciting activities.

This cool set is the perfect excuse to play with your food! Slip the bread-shaped gloves onto your hands, then follow the sandwich cards to "grab" sandwich fillings and make the winning sandwich. A variety of game ideas include Fast Food (race to match the sandwich on the picture card), Service on the Fly (toss a sandwich filling onto a bread glove) and more! Inspiring children to get active and improve memory and matching skills will put fun on the menu every time. Set includes four bread-slice gloves, 14 sandwich fillings and 20 sandwich cards.

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