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Friday, June 22, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: T-Shirts

          With the hottest days we've had all season finally upon us, the last thing I can think about is putting together an outfit. As I'm sure it is for everyone, a t-shirt and shorts is my go-to outfit on days like today. Many may think a t-shirt is too casual for certain summer events, but with an abundance of styles, a t-shirt is one of the most versatile summer staples you can have in your closet. Here are a few of Renewal's t-shirts to keep you care free this summer.

Tee's that cover your rear-end:
With a longer back panel, these t-shirts are great for those of you that might not be as comfortable wearing shorts. They cover the rear-end and come in cute patterns and designs.
1: Aqua, sz. Med;  2: NY&Co, sz. Sm.; 3: Chaser, sz. Large

Embellished Tee's:
These tees are great for barbeques and parties. An embellished neckline makes the shirt a bit fancier, while still feeling casual and cool.
1: PinkRose, sz. Sm;  2: Loft, sz. Large; 3: Loft, sz. Large

Tee's that make me happy:
Try t-shirts that have fun and colorful designs on the front. With a nice summer feel, they pair perfectly with shorts.

1: Delia's, sz.XS; 2: Juicy Couture, sz.Sm; 3: Loft, sz.Sm

Tee's with Cap Sleeves:Like the embellished tee, these shirts are great for dressing up shorts or a skirt, without accentuating the bust.
 1: Soprano, sz.Sm;  2: Rendez-Vous, sz. XS; 3: H&M, sz.Sm

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