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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Trendy Tip: Fitting Room Tips

8-Tips to Trying on Clothes:

We're all guilty of it....having clothes in our closets that still have the tag on them.  This became more apparent to me than ever when I started to work resale.  Many of the items we get here at the store are brand new, and while we love receiving them, I'm sure you felt a pang of guilt each time you saw it in your closet.  Maybe you were in a rush and left the store without trying it on, or perhaps you tried it on, but it didn't seem to fit as well or look as good when you brought it home.  Any way you may have acquired said items, Renewal is here to give you some tips on how to choose only the best pieces and avoid buyer's remorse.

 1. Care Label: The biggest tip we can give is to read the care instructions carefully before purchasing. Some items may be dry-clean or hand-wash only...which can be a pain if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Choose items that call for care instructions that you can handle.

   2. Wrinkle Test:  I'm always disappointed when I put on an outfit that looks great as I'm getting ready in the morning, but is a wrinkled mess by the time I get to work.  No matter how you commute, the train or car-ride to your job can leave wrinkles in un-flattering places, causing you to look frumpy and disheveled. Avoid this by conducting a wrinkle test before you buy. Scrunch the item in your hand and hold for 15 seconds, if the fabric is wrinkle free when you release, it's less likely to be wrinkled at the end of a long day.  If it stays wrinkled after releasing, you may want to rethink this purchase.

3. Create an Outfit:  While many of us like to be comfortable when shopping, and probably wear sweats and a tee, it can alter your perception of certain pieces.  For example, if you're trying on a fancy silk top, it will look great next to the pair of sweats your donning, but may be all wrong when actually incorporated into an outfit.  We recommend grabbing the necessary counterparts and taking them to the fitting room too.  Even if you aren't planning on buying the additional pieces, it will give you a better idea of how the top looks in the way you were planning to wear it.

4: Do a mental run-through of your closet:
We tend to stick to colors and styles that we like the most. While shopping, do a mental run-through of your closet to make sure you're not wasting your money on a piece that too closely resembles something you already own. This will also help you decide if it fits into your wardrobe at all...Do you have a skirt or shoes that match that top? Maximize your shopping experience by buying items that can be mixed and matched with a variety of pieces you already own.

5. Get a Rear View: It's important to know how the piece fits from all angles, and not all stores have a three-way mirror. Using even a small compact mirror can be a big help. Standing with your rear facing the wall mirror, hold the compact out in front of you and glance to the mirror behind you. This can give you a rough idea of how the piece looks from the back. Does the material drape correctly over your rear end? Is it too tight across the shoulders?

6. Seek out natural lighting & mirrors:
Fluorescent lights that are found in many retail locations can change appearance of the color of the garment, or wash out your skin tone. Likewise, dim lighting may stop you from noticing if a piece is see-through. Natural light is best for determining how clothing will look once you take it home.  Mirrors can also distort your view of an item.  Tilted mirrors can elongate your figure, making clothing appear more slimming than it really is. Seek out mirrors that are flat against the wall for the most accurate reflection.

7. Move around: You're not going to be standing still the entire time you are wearing a garment, so it is important to move around when trying it on.  Does the skirt ride-up too high when you bend over? Does the button or zipper dig into your side when you sit down?  When purchasing clothes, it's crucial to make sure you will be comfortable in them all day long.

8. Check the Details: This may seem obvious, but check the garment for loose threads and buttons before buying it.  Small details are the easiest to miss but can make a big impact.  What's the point of buying a skirt if the hook & eye rips out of the fabric the first time you wear it?  This will help increase the longevity of the pieces you buy.

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