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Friday, November 9, 2012

Feel Fresh Fridays: Winter Coats

It's no secret that it is actually freezing cold outside!  If this weather is any indication of what we are in store for, we are in for a long and cold winter!  The last few days, our customers have been running in stocking up on heavy coats and warm clothes for their kids...but don't forget about yourself!  Here are some of Renewal's winter coats, and if you mention this post before Saturday 11/10/12 you can have 30% off your outerwear purchase!

                                        Alfani, sz. Sm;    Therapy, sz. L;    Kenneth Cole; sz. M

Juicy Couture, sz. Sm.;   UGG, sz. Med.;  Guess, sz. Med.

Moda, sz. 8;   Option by Shani, sz. Med.;   Loft, sz. 8

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