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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Trendy Tip: Nailssss!

Nail art has always been a huge fashion trend, it seems like creative new ideas keep coming and we love every minute of it!  We're about to show you a 4-simple and fashionable tips to keep your nails looking trendy in minutes.

1.  Water marble:

 Wondering how it's done?  Here's a how to video from youtube...

2.  Art inspired themes:

I'm sure you are familiar with the Space Invaders arcade game from the 70's, it's simple to turn your nails into your favorites.

Side note...this arcade game also sparked a graffiti artist to place mosaic invaders around the world, here are a few I've seen personally...

 Click here to learn more about Invader, the Parisian graffiti artist who is behind this all.

3. Newspaper nail art: 

This is something I have been dying to try...

Looks simple enough, here is another how to...and I will be trying it next time I need a manicure :)

4. Easier trends:

Even though these previous tips shouldn't be scary, if you think they are too hard to handle here are a few super simple tips to give your regular old manicure a trendy edge. 
Try just one or two accent nails
Crackle polish is very easy to use, you just paint it on top of a different color and it cracks as it dries

If you are new to the polish world, keep in mind these simple essentials:

It is very important to use a base coat to protect your nails and a top coat to give your manicure a gorgeous shine and prevent chipping.  And don't forget, if you screw up, its nothing a little nail polish remover can't fix!

Need some more nail inspiration?  Check out my favorite nail website...

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