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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Vacation!!

As colleges and grade-schools will be letting out for spring break over the next few weeks, many of you may have a special vacation planned for your time off with the family. While the weather has been warm lately, you probably still haven't taken out your summer wardrobe. Here's a few Renewal must-haves that keep you looking stylish and staying cool during your vacation.

                                       Rompers: Echo, sz.Med; Loft, sz.Sm; Laundry, sz.Med;
                                   Flip-flops: Ed Hardy, sz.7.5;          Flip-flops: Ed Hardy, sz.6

                                              Terry Cloth Shorts: Juicy, sz.Sm, XS, Sm

                                              Capris: Cejan Beach Wear, sz.Large
                                                       Dress: J.Crew, sz.Sm
                                               Dress: Love Squared, sz.Med
          Maxi Dress: Forever 21, sz.Sm; Dress: Hale Bob, sz.Sm; Jumper: Gap, sz. L

  Heels: Michael Kors, sz.7.5; Flip-flops: Coach, sz.7.5; Wedges: Coach, sz.8
               Wedges: Steve Madden, sz.8;   Charles David, sz.8.5;   BCBG, sz. 7.5

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