Growing Kids

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

road trip...

Well, the time has come...we are moving back to New Jersey.  We sent the earthquake your way, just so you knew we were coming!!!

We have about a 6-day drive ahead of us, so we're going to need your help to get through it.

Please let us know the funniest thing your child has ever said.  Whoever gets us laughing the hardest before Monday 8/29 wins a $25 gift certificate!


  1. The funniest thing that my 4yr old said was that my butt was "juicy". Hysterical!!

  2. My 4 year old girl asked me a question last night - 'Mom, if I came out your belly, who came out of Daddy's belly?';

  3. I was in the living room one day when my husband went upstairs to use the bathroom. One of my twin boys walked in to go as well. He looked at his dad and said, "Wow Daddy, your weiner is giant!" Daddy replied, "yes it is son, yes it is..."

  4. My son is a big fan of Guy Fieri on the Food Network. One day he was watching one of his shows and a commercial came on for one of Anne Burrell's shows. He gets all excited and says "Mommy! Mommy! Look! It's Lady Fieri!" I guess he must have assumed because they have the same hairstyle that they must be married.

  5. My boys, ages 7 and 5 were eating dinner when the little one said, "what's for 'zert (dessert)?' to which my husband replied, "You're getting squat for dessert - you're not even eating your dinner."

    He quickly replied, "OK, I want squat." And to his older brother quickly asked, "What is squat, anyway?"

    His response, "I think it's some kind of vegetable..."

  6. My sister and twin girls lived with us for a year while her husband was overseas with the army. My daughter was two at the time and only four months older than the twins.

    Kaya, "Mommy, Mia bit me."

    Me, "Well, why, what did you do to her."
    (this was not unusual for them)

    Kaya, "Nothing, I was just trying to close her butt checks."

    I have to say, I think she deserved getting bit.

  7. I was nursing about 2 weeks ago and the phone rang. I told my 4yr old not to answer but he did anyway....all I heard was: "Hello? yes she's she can't...she didn't do the other side yet" I laughed so hard but nearly died from embarassment...thank goodness it was a friend and not a business customer! haha